The modern travelers

Models, company bosses, and online influencers tell us how they make traveling easy.

FRANÇOIS ANGOSTON, model, “When I travel, listening to Aznavour on my noise cancelling headphones helps me relax and connect with my inner thoughts.”

AUDE SARKAMARI, influencer, “For long journeys, I wear light, loose-fitting clothes, although I always take a warm garment with me. I try to do some stretching and relaxation exercises, I moisturize my skin and I drink plenty of water.”

YANN BERVAS, influencer, “The only thing that counts is to find yourself in a new place that you’ve never visited before… It doesn’t matter where it is.”

TIMOTHÉE CAGNIARD, founder of La Boite Concept, “I never sleep on the plane and always choose an evening arrival… This way I collapse when I reach my hotel, which avoids jet-lag.”

MARIE COURROY, head of the company Modetrotter, “I travel comfortably in my striped American Apparel leggings and a warm, baggy Modetrotter hoodie to wrap up warmly in!”

JESSICA FRANKLIN, influencer, “For 95% of my trips I pack a carry-on versus checking bag. This gives me more flexibility, saves me time and money. ”

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